Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Terran Species Overview

Forced to adapt to a harsh existence on the mostly lifeless worlds along the Galactic Rim, the Terrans are masters of survival. Possessing neither the advanced technology of the Protoss nor the natural prowess of the Zerg, their military consists of a varied mix of units. From the effective, yet expendable, Marine conscripts to the highly trained Wraith pilots, the Terrans are a tenacious lot who are quite unwilling to concede their territory.

Despite the setbacks this young species has suffered, the Terrans have managed to spread from world to world, fully believing that they can stand against any opposition.

Moble Buildings

The key to the survival of the Terran species is flexibility. Their primary structures are equipped with self-contained thruster systems that enable low altitude flight and allow them to change locations. A building in flight is unable to perform any of its normal operations. Also, any structures that had been added onto a mobilised building are left behind and are non-functional. Once the primary building has landed it quickly regains full functionality, although the abandoned add-on structure remains useless. The nomadic abilities of the Terrans allow them to not only travel from one cache of resources to the next, but to evade an impending attack as well. Finally, if the appropriate primary building is instructed to land next to an abandoned add-on, even one built by enemy Terrans, it can be captured and put to use.

Critical Building Damage

The primary drawback of the modular and often improvised technology employed by the Terrans is that their buildings are particularly vulnerable to extensive damage.  Ruptured Vespene tanks and sudden power surges can cause an already damaged structure to collapse, even if it is no longer under direct attack. Any Terran building which is severely damaged drops into the “red zone”, indicated by the structure’s Hit Point bar turning red. A building so damaged will continue to lose Hit Points unless it is repaired enough to return to Yellow or Green status.


With the exception of add-ons, all Terran buildings have self-contained power generators and do not require additional support or resources once constructed.  Since add-ons are powered by the building that they are attached to, they will shut down if the primary structure is destroyed or disconnected.

Terran troops and vehicles, however, do require a constant supply of food, fuel, and spare parts that are provided by Supply Depots. The current level of available Supplies is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the Main Screen. Any Supply Depot will also display current Supply statistics when selected. If there are not enough Supply Depots to properly support the current number of Terran forces, the training or manufacture of additional units will not be possible until additional Supply Depots are constructed.

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